Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Triduum is here

and I get to attend!

I've been grounded for the last two weeks with leaky skin lesions. Antibiotics, leg elevation, try not to leave too many puddles.... but this time it was stopped _before_ catching MRSA or Strep G. My followup appointment was today, and I've been declared healthy and cleared to be out in public again. So, Triduum, here I come! (Not even to mention CJ Pawlak's baptism come Bright Sunday!)

I also sign the final papers for my porchlift financing tomorrow morning, so the porchlift should be installed by farmers' market season.

And, when I left for the doctor's this morning, both rhubarbs were sprouted out of dormancy. Spring is definitely on its way when the rhubarbs wake up.


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Mimi said...

Wonderful news, Karen! Thanks be to God you can attend! May you have a blessed Holy Week, and may the light of the Risen Christ illumine you!

And, yum, rhubarb. Glad to hear about the lift!