Friday, March 28, 2003

on steadfastness and unscandalizability, from the desert Christians....

An old man was asked, "How can a fervent brother not be shocked when he sees others returning to the world?" And the elder replied, "Watch the dogs who chase rabbits. When one of them has seen a rabbit, he pursues it until he catches it, without being concerned with anything else. The others, seeing the dog launched in pursuit, run with it for a short time and soon come back. Only the one who has seen the rabbit follows it till he catches it, not letting himself be turned from his course by those who go back, and not caring about the ravines, rocks, and undergrowth. So it is with him who seeks Christ as Master; ever mindful of the Cross, he cares nothing about any of the scandals that occur, till he reaches the Crucified One."

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