Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Blaze Camo Rosary, anyone?

Are you getting cold and bored sitting in that tree stand waiting for your deer? Looking for something productive to do? Praying the Rosary may be just the thing for you!

Winter is coming, and I've been preparing for that shut-in time of the year. I've checked out six fat books from the Cathedral Parish Library on a loan till spring to supplement the ones I own, and I've taken up a new craft. I've crocheted hats the past two winters, and I needed something different. So I'm taking up the making of rosaries for giving away, both the ones with beads and the knotted ones promoted by the Rosary Army. I bought three cones of twine to start; two good basic solid colors and one varigated --- I do so love orange! But when I started working it, it it became

a blaze camo rosary!

A cone of twine makes about thirty rosaries. Is there any Catholic sportsmen's group that would just _love_ to have some no rattling rosaries that match their jackets? Sure hope so!

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