Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Creatures image God,

or, it's all about oil today

Tonight is the night of the Chrism Mass, where it's glaringly obvious that God mediates Himself through His creatures to His creature-children (=us).

Oil, the all-around medicinal and perfume, good for healing and for strengthening --- slather it on the dry skin, massage the muscle aches with it, dab it on the wound scabs --- is blessed and sent, and becomes effective in mediating God's healing of the entire person, body, mind, soul, and spirit, and imparting His strength and endurance on the catechumens and the newly-enlightened.

This is the way God normally deals with us. We are bodily creatures; we need to hear and see and touch and smell and taste in order to learn and know.

And, not just on this very oily day, but constantly. Water that washes, bread and wine that nourish, ashes, tree branches, things that used to belong to our dear departed, and even our actions toward one another are transformed and manifest our Lord to us in their various ways. Therefore we rejoice.

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