Thursday, April 01, 2004

On the prowl

for a ride to/from the Easter Vigil! My paratransit provider claims they no can do --- the latest they'll bring me home is 11:25, and last year it went till ten to midnight and there were only 4 converts, it'll be longer this year because there are 7 in the current RCIA class. I've got a voicemail out to my friends with the SUV --- they wouldn't even have to stay there with me (they aren't much interested in Church or faith, but they're tolerant of me). Pray that I find one without too much nailbiting; Vigil is a long time to be out in public, and I don't trust my endurance for it without the chair with me; if I take a taxi, the chair has to stay home......

[roll eyeballs] Trials and tribulations! [sigh] However, I'm set with paratransit for the other Holy Week services, Chrism Mass included, and for tonight's Pallium Lecture, so things are going better than they could be, I guess.