Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Cheap Thrills

I know that, by the left-coast standards of Eldest Younger Brother Tom and Alicia the Midwife, it was nothing, but considering that this is rock-steady (???) Wisconsin, land of the twister, this wee-hours earthquake was quite the startle.

Yes, I was awake for it. The house shook like when the automobile shredding concern in the next block has an explosion, but there was no boom to go with.

If this keeps up, maybe Tom will spot a tornado, or shovel snow, in Long Beach.


Anonymous said...

4.1 in another state?? And you woke up?

Personally, I prefer my earthquakes after I'm awake. Like the Loma Prieta in '89, or the Whittier in '87, while Laura and Vicki were visiting. The adrenaline rush is easier to control while you're awake. Waking up in the middle, like for Northridge in '94, is difficult to deal with. Or try two conjoined quakes a couple hours apart, like the Landers/BigBear quakes in May '92. One blows you out of bed at 06:00, and the other interrupts the Introit at 08:04.

But so far, they beat watching clouds spin, and listening to Doppler Radar reports for hours on end, daily for weeks on end.

From the Left Coast(mid 70's, relhum 30)

Tom Knapp

alicia said...

I'm with Tom on quakes. I was actually, however, already awake for the two biggest ones I was in (Sylmar 71 and Northridge 94). I prefer quakes to any other form of natural disaster, mostly because you don't sit semi-paralyzed while they toy with your head.
Karen - we have had tornadoes in Los Angeles County (Torrance, Lynwood are a few that I recall). Also, one year we had enough snow on Easter that some families cancelled their get-togethers. The snow was north Valencia in the Castaic area, but that is still Los Angeles County.
You would have laughed to see my dog when the snowflakes hit her in our back yard!