Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Scarlet "A" is for Accused,

and Cardinal Avery Dulles is on the case with this article, Rights of Accused Priests: Toward a revision of the Dallas charter and the "Essential Norms".

Human rights and dignity and the requirements of justice do not go away just because one gets ordained. Little niceties such as due process, evidence, and so forth are not optional.

Pray for priests. Pray for bishops. If you don't agree with your priest or your bishop, pray more.


Christine said...

Good post, good article, good advice.

Steve Bogner said...

I think the zero-tolerance policy was partially a result of the lack of trust laity had in bishops to clean their own house. If one trusts bishops with proportionality, then that helps reassure us that the accused and accusers will be fairly treated.

Personally, I'm not to the point of trusting them with proportionality and all the goes along with that, at least not without serious and meaningful oversight from a lay panel of experts.