Saturday, October 02, 2004

St. Blog's Parish in the Washington Post?

Was tipped off this morning by Katherine who loves Suscipe that there's an article on Catholic blogging in the Washington Post. I Googled for it, went to and searched eight different ways, and went to scope out Mark's and Amy's, and cannot find the article. I think maybe she's seen it in a print edition, since she lives in the DC metro area --- but if any of my dear readers can point me the right diection, I'll post it asap, and consider it a small miracle that Katherine and I could scoop even Mark and Amy!

Update 8:05 pm Saturday:
Still no online copy, but I've got an exact paper-edition reference: October 2 Washington Post, Metro section, page B9, titled "To Congregate or Confess, Believers Are Turning to Blogs". Anyone spotting an online reference, let me know in the comments --- I'd like to see this one!

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Katherine said...

I finally found my printer and its cables and scanned in the article, which is now posted on my site. :-)