Monday, April 04, 2005

We are all sedevacantists now

and there's an emptiness.

When I was at Mass yesterday morning, and we came to the part of the Eucharistic Prayer when we commemorate those who serve us in the Church --- and there was no commemoration of the Pope, because there isn't one. [But there was prayer for our holy father, John Paul, who has passed from this life.....] When the parts come in the Liturgy of Hours when we pray for the Pope, and I have to remember to skip that line. Standing in line to sign the parish condolence book. Today is a solemnity, one that should be obligatory, but starting tomorrow there's the Office for the dead. And soon we pray for the Conclave, that they exercise wisdom and listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to give to us another servant to exercise Peter's ministry among us.

Pray. Remember. Do the deeds of mercy. John Paul II has passed from this life to life true and everlasting, do not dishonor his name.

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Nate said...

I think most Catholics have experienced that emptiness when there is no Pope to pray for during the Mass. I know it was something that really hit home for me personally.