Sunday, March 19, 2006

What's next?! CTA Follies

Here in Milwaukee we've been plagued for years by a pair of mirror-image "church reform groups" treating this as their own private battlefield. They would hold their national gatherings here on the same late October or early November weekend, often with the full quota of demonstrators and counter-demonstrators and counter-counter-demonstrators, bringing unpeace and public shame on the Church. [The cost, I figure, of having less expensive convention space than Chicago....] I, along with many others in parishes near the convention facilities, learned to take a few deep breaths and endure the antics of the Wanderer Forum and the Call to Action. Eventually at week's end they would all go home for another year.

The previous archbishop, although he was reputed to be somewhat sympathetic with CTA's old original goals, kept his distance from both factions, refusing even to make the standard ordinary's welcome appearances at the conferences. Wouldn't want to make it look like he approved of their more wild hare-brained opinions or fractious deportment.

Now, there's a new archbishop. There's no hint that he might be even slightly sympathetic to any of the factions doing their factional thing to the Church. So, how can it be that _now_ CTA might think it would be welcome to have an event in the Cathedral itself? Granted, it's just a lecture from a faithful bishop from another diocese, but still! It's still CTA, and they are still wild-eyed. And there are any number of parishes and halls willing to host a lecture from a bishop of the Church. Have they gone completely over the edge, seeking the Cathedral? And why, if even the reputedly-sympathetic +Rembert would have nothing to do with them, did they really expect +Timothy to embrace them with open arms?

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