Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gerard Serafin lives

Yesterday was the second yahrzeit day of Gerard Serafin Bugge, the keeper of the Catholic Blog for Lovers and also of the now inaccessible most numinous site in all cyberspace, the Catholic Pages for Lovers, . Gerard was one of the pioneers of the Catholic internet, and his presence in the listservs and usenet was consistently uplifting and enlightening.

One of his very last public works of mercy was to beg for prayers for me, when I was hospitalized for my first bout with the MRSA.

Please pray for his twin and for the repose of his soul, as I am certain that he prays for us.



Terrence Berres said...

His site also lives on, at least in the Internet Archive.

Dave said...

Memory eternal...

John said...

Karen, thanks to Terrence for the archive link, how wonderful!

Another "passing" of sorts has taken place. Kathryn Lively, founder of the St. Blog's Parish webring had decided to close it down. I've taken the ring ownership and hope to keep it going.

Hope you're well and God's grace and blessings be with you,
+JMJ+ John