Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blog Enhancements

Two changes here:

First, I've enabled pop-up window comments for a trial; if they don't make trouble in the next week or two, I'll keep them that way.

Second, above you will see a new yellow box, which will take you directly to Universalis, the site for praying the Liturgy of the Hours. It's set to go to the USA calendar that's used here in Milwaukee, but once you are there, you can navigate to the calendar appropriate to where you live. And, it will keep time in UTC. That's only 6 hours off from Milwaukee time, and I couldn't figure out how to tweak the calendar and the clock both at the same time.

Have fun with the new features!

1 comment:

mema said...

So good to see you back. When you don't post for a few days, I think everyone holds their breath. At least I do.
I like the new features. I hope they work out.