Sunday, December 07, 2003

I'm back [kind-of, sort-of]

We began at noontime on Thursday. I ordered in an excellent Pizza this time, since I did Chinese the other one. About an hour after the delivery, I started shaking, even though I was not cold. David sent me to bed, and promised to call me at 98% done with the formatting. That took 14 hours! Then another eleven hours of so to load Windows and find and load all the servers needed to make the beast. David figured I was ok by that time, so he went home, and I crashed.

Still running a fever, hope I get well Real Fast Now!!!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I spoke too soon!

It got hung up and I had to reset; it took eight attempts to get it restarted.

I've called KB9EWG the unmercenary cyberhealer, and he'll be over Thursday or Friday (we both have doctor appointments tomorrow). He says I need a good dose of hard drive reformatting, and maybe a great long glug of operating system. Thiswill make me lose everything stowed in this little beige box. So, instead of blogging, I get to spend the next 48 hours or so putting all the box's data on floppy disks .......... oh what fuuuuuun, not.

Be back when I'm done with backup or poor computer is permanently healed.

karen marie
Technical Difficulties --- Please Stand By

I'll probably be back later this evening. Over the weekend my computer made a bold attempt to turn itself into a very expensive doorstop, or maybe boatanchor. But thanks to David, KB9EWG, the unmercenary healer of things electronic and cyber, I'm back up and typing again, at least for now. [I ordered him in an excellent dinner of Chinese delivery for his kindness!]

Now to go sort through several days' email.....