Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm going to miss the All Saints Gospel Choir [rats!]

I'm not going to make it to any part of the Call to Action conference this weekend. I'm getting sicker rather than healthier. A new, very troubling symptom has joined the litany, my leg is still a lovely (if it wasn't my skin) shade of bright pink, my foot is too swollen to go into my largest, three-sizes-too-big, slippers ..... and if said new symptom is not made to go away by tomorrow morning, I'll have to have a serious talk with the triage nurse, or whatever-it-is they call her these days. And one of those Columbia-St. Mary vacations......

Terrence of the Provincial Emails (he's on Gerard's List; I don't have the link right now) posted about my little adventure among the self-defined reformers and professionally outraged, and suggested a dance card of a lot of the most bitter and the farthest off the beam. He missed Mother Mary Ramerman, though, who pastors one of those little schism-churches that live in the delusion that its pastor is Jesus Christ Himself.

Actually, I'd already filled out my dance card. Here's what I was going to be up to:

If arrival was on time [have to account for paratransit trouble], prayer session 4.04, Remembering Those Who Have Gone On Before Us. Otherwise, visit exhibits and talk to other stray people.

Presentation 5.05, Justice for All: The National Review Board & Clergy Sexual Abuse.. by Pamela Hayes of the Review Board.

Plenary Session: Margaret Farley, Contemporary Christian Sexual Ethics. If it ends up hopeless, slip out, see exhibits, talk to other strays.


Presentation 8.01, Harambee, come together! Praying the seven principles of Kwanzaa, by Celeste Anderson Byrne

Presentation 9.04, Sharing the Vision, by Mary Ann Garfold. about faith formation in parishes.

Presentation 10.03, In Trouble for Peace & Justice: Discipleship to the nonviolent Jesus, by Fr. John Dear, SJ

Supper, exhibits, chatter.......

Presentation 11.01, All Saints Gospel Choir. cleasing palate of any residual bitterness.

I think I would have had a lot to write about...... but I'm likely to be in a hospital bed instead. [frown]

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

No, I haven't died.

I've just been a bit more under-the-weather than usual. I hibernated my way through Saturday and Sunday, and didn't do very much more yesterday. Remembered to ask for the intercession of all the secret tzaddiks and undercover saints; also for a peaceable election.

It's probably a good thing that I didn't end up in the hospital --- over the weekend Dad's been hospitalized, and I try to be as little of a problem to my sibs as I can be. I was emailed on Sunday but only got it this morning .... I decided that nice recouperative rest was more important than reading email.

My next goal is to make it through the weekend, to my regularly-scheduled doctor's visit on Monday. Especially because of a special gift I've been given.

A Pass to the Call to Action Conference. Can you believe it!

I know I do not have the endurance for all three days, but I'm sure there will be plenty to write about if I only go on Saturday, and the All Saints' Gospel Choir in the last session should wipe away any stray bitter tastes.

So, have fun waiting in line for the polling place and nibbling your sugar skull......