Saturday, June 01, 2002

The Journal Sentinel is Finally Getting It (will the rest of the media? will the rest of our bishops?)
Two Thursdays ago, when a former classmate of mine spun a shocking tale on _Good_Morning_America_, and another gentleman gave to his journalist friend a certain 22-year-old letter, the reporters of the Journal Sentinel sought interviews with the Archbishop. All they got was a short statement. Four basic clauses: I did not sexually assault anybody. There was a settlement agreement, but I respect its confidentiality and can say no more. The settlement payment, like all settlements, did not use funds designated for charitable or for pastoral purposes. I have asked the Holy Father to please expedite the acceptance of my resignation.

And that was all.

The reporters were at their wit's end. The Media columnist even wrote a column expressing his amazement that the Archbishop was not defending himself at all ---"there are 100 better ways the archbishop could handle this."


We know as Catholics, that of course there was not. We cannot defend ourselves at the cost of accusing anybody else of anything; we can only accuse ourselves. That is an integral part of living a submitted life. But, how can this be explained to a mob of reporters more used to the ways of secular politicians than Catholic monastics? It cannot be done.

However, after last night, it looks like the Journal Sentinel gang, at least, are getting it. This is not Mayor Norquist, or some county supervisor or even sport star. This is Archbishop Rembert, who has been very open with them for the past almost 25 years, but not at the cost of anyone else but himself. And he wasn't going to change _that_ now.

www.jsonline.com/enter/tvradio/may02/47631.asp and www.jsonline.com/news/metro/may02/47705.asp

Can the rest of the media come to understand and respect this, though?

And will those of our Bishops and Pastors who will need to speak embarrassing truths in the upcoming months remember that this is how it is supposed to be?

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