Thursday, June 20, 2002

A Motion is on the floor, do I have a second?

Tomorrow night I get to go to the Cousins Center, for the Evening of Praise for the 35th anniversary of the Duquesne Weekend, the official beginning of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement, when a group of college students from Duquesne University's Chi Rho Society, on a weekend retreat, had a tangible experience with the Uncreated Light. I hope to locate a lot of friends-from-when there, and I will have for them a proposition.

On May 23rd, we faithful in Milwaukee, unasked, unsought-after, even unwilling, had focused through us for a time the anger and pain and rage of the whole Church and nation. Not actually over our little local crisis, but over the whole miserable national Situation. Very like a lightning strike going to ground through the blitz-bug, or trashing your transciever and computer. Since, willing or not, this has happened to us, we have a duty and an opportunity to offer all this focused pain and fury and anger to our Lord, with our prayer and sacrifices, for our bishops, our priests, and the whole Church in these trials.

So, since I'm going to be at the evening of praise hopelessly early (when you're a wheelchair user, you get your rides when you can get them!) I'm going to take with me a few bookmark-sized patches of some coarse unbleached cloth I found in my sewing-basket --- a decent ringer for sackcloth. And see if any of my friends-from-when are willing to join me in prayer and penance for our bishops and priests, starting immediately and going at least to the Feast of the Dormition/Assumption (August 15th). I'm doing it anyway, I live in an anchor hold, it's my job, but I'd be thrilled if my motion gets a second.

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