Saturday, July 06, 2002

Sporadic posting ahead

Though I'll try to post something here every day or so, don't worry about me until after the 20th. My eldest younger brother Tom's plane should have landed from LAX about a half-hour ago, so, allowing an hour or two for baggage and security and car rental, he'll be here at my anchor hold shortly. He'll crash here for a couple of days, maybe help me pack, and then he'll drive me and my assorted medical stuff to our native land, Akron, Ohio, to attend the Knapp family reunion. While there, I'll be "holding court" for lots of nieces and nephews and cousin's kids who only remember Aunt Karen as a photo on the refrigerator --- they haven't seen me since two new years' ago, a few have been born since then that I haven't met at all yet.

In Akron, we'll stay at the house of my Dad and of Mike, my second eldest younger brother, who has a computer he will probably let me use to post at least every once in a while. So I will not disappear entirely, I hope. Keep all the descendants of E. Pauline Ilg Knapp and Robert Knapp, who died in his children's infancy, in your prayers for safety as the more rambunctious of us party hardy and the less rambunctious work to stay out of the way. .

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