Tuesday, August 06, 2002

In Memory of Paul VI, who died this day in 1978.

Paul VI, Giovanni Battista Montini, was the pope of my growing-up. He shepherded the ecumenical council to a happy and productive conclusion, he was the first pope of modern times to come all over the world to be with the Catholic people, he was a man of prayer and did not hide it, he left us many teachings, some of them daring and prophetic in their depth and breadth (like Humanae Vitae!).

And in 1977, he was inspired to find new archbishops from the monasteries, what some of us call "the season of Basil Who? and Rember' Wha?". It seemed for a while quite problematic, but became for those of us in Westminster and Milwaukee and the other places that were sent monks for bishops a true beyond-all-deserving blessing, to have these bishops of shepherds' hearts and deep prayer to be with us and for us and guide us.

For today's inspiration, here is a link to an exhortation of Paul VI on Christian Joy ("Gaudete in Domino") and also a link to his Last Will and Testament.

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