Friday, August 30, 2002

A response to Mr. Kubiak's 8/28 comment at Amy's

Mr. David Kubiak, responding to a link posted on Amy's blog on Wednesday, is shocked at the comportment of our new archbishop. Archbishop Dolan smiles, he hugs, he makes us laugh ---- even in the Cathedral! even on EWTN! But, most horribly of all, Archbishop Dolan dares to treat our devoted and diligent and even-more-humble-than-he-used-to-be retired archbishop with honor and care, and he openly receives submission and cooperation from Archbishop Weakland. Mr. Kubiak calls this "astonishing." Mr. Kubiak seems to hold this as some kind of sacrilege, and calls for the Second Coming to deliver him.

But why?

About the smiling and the laughter ("Oh no, Lord! I don't know how to drive in the snow!") ---- it's becoming more and more obvious to us who live in Milwaukee that Archbishop Dolan, extrovert x10, cannot do any differently even if he tries. And why should he be trying? Blatant joy is a commodity we are in special need of just now, in great heaping helpings.

And now about Milwaukee's most beloved public penitent: how else should he be but submitted and cooperative with the new archbishop, in the same way as all the rest of us faithful? This should not be astonishing at all. Timothy Dolan is the bishop, and where the bishop is, there is the Church. And, of course, the new archbishop will treat all of us with care and honorably; why should the retired archbishop have less care and honorable treatment than the rest of us? Every single one of us has done some incredibly stupid things, and have sinned. We have no right to ridicule, ever.

Mr. Kubiak, give thanks that your most embarrassing sin will never be an international headline. And pray for your bishop every day, wherever you are.

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