Saturday, September 07, 2002

"Rebuild My Church, which you can see is falling into ruin."

When the icon at St. Damian's spoke this to St. Francis, Francis took it at face value. St. Damian's _was_ half fallen down, after all. So he started begging for stone and mortar and building supplies, and set himself to rebuilding the Lord's Church --- i. e., St. Damian's. Then Our Lady of the Angels at Little Portion. Then about a half-dozen other small churches in the countryside near his hometown. It took years of apprenticeship rebuilding the Lord's churches --- the buildings --- before he became aware that he was also to rebuild The Lord's Church --- singular, capitalized article --- which in his thirteenth century was in utterly miserable condition. He needed the hard stonemasonry work and the disciplined life to make him sufficiently strong to do the larger task.

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