Tuesday, October 15, 2002

One of St. Teresa's less-heralded Great Acts: "Purissima," pfui!

In the houses of the discalced Carmelite reform that La Madre founded, there was one topic that was completely off-limits: any person's personal or familial history and its correctness or lack of same. In the Spain of Teresa's time, this was called a person's "purissima," and the entire society was obsessed by the subject, especially whether one had any ancestors who had been converts. Bringing up the subject of anyone's "purissima" was enough to be expelled from the community permanently.

And she was and is right.

All of us have been rescued by Christ from being lost in stupidity and sin, and are being restored to fullness of life in Him. All of us, regardless of fortunate or unfortunate history. Even me.

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