Monday, October 07, 2002

Preliminary report on the weekend's adventures

First, the "Called and Gifted" workshop ---- if you get the opportunity in your neck of the woods, _go_. Mark Shea is very much right, the workshop is wonderful in teaching on the office and vocation of laity, and the nature and use of those gifts meant for giving away, the charisms. I did get to meet Sherry Weddell, and she is really sweet besides, Mark has really good taste in friends, for all his faults. [The stuff about faults is supposed to be a joke, ok?]

Second, breakfast with Dave Pawlak of the Pompous Ponderings website. We didn't get to start with yet another of Abp. Timothy Dolan's sermons, he's slipped away to Rome to ordain Todd Reitmeyer's classmates on Thursday, but Bp. Sklba isn't a slouch as a preacher himself, so we were not too deprived. Then we rolled up the street to a cafe called Mykonos, and had breakfast and three hours of great conversation before the van came to take me away. We have to do this more often than every three or four months! BTW, go to Dave's, he's posting on his funeral, in ways that trigger thought.

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