Tuesday, November 26, 2002

A Poem for Our Fair City by Frank Zeidler, who was the Mayor from just after WWII until 1960, and is still an honored elder here. His early poetry (from the depression era) has just been published. [the dots in front of the fourth lines are not in the poem; I had to put them in so blogger would hold the indentation.]

A Place for Peace and Justice
Frank Zeidler

Milwaukee, happenstance in time and place,
A settlement of types of clan and race ---
Can it be known to be a special place
. . . For peace and justice?

The settlers coming to Lake Michigan shore
Found peoples living in this site before;
And thus arose the need of old once more
. . . For peace and justice.

The tide of global immigration swelled
Since through injustice many were compelled
To seek a land where law and freedom held
. . . For peace and justice.

Milwaukee and Wisconsin thus became
The sites which earned and gained the fame
As residence of those who had the aim
. . . For peace and justice.

So let us now as those residing here
Uphold the goals and standards once held dear
And work with confidence and not with fear
. . . For peace and justice.


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