Friday, January 03, 2003

The Nubs

A leper looked for Jesus but found me
Such things happen, such things happen
He was a beggar, lacked good eyes
I had two, but none to spare
His left hand had four fingers, thumb
Worn to nubs and they were numb
This is no parable, it happened here
Not in ancient Palestine
In Maryland, in Maryland
The nubs were bleeding from the ends

Cure me, cure me, heal my sight
Heal my fingers light from light -
I have no power to restore
What was before, or not before
Money, filthy crumpled bills
Was what I had to heal his ills
And not too many

And I too have been worn away
Jesus come without delay
Here I am, here I am

. . . . . Pavel Chichikov
. . . . . January 2, 2003
. . . . .

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