Tuesday, May 13, 2003

One of my honored predecessors is remembered today.

Today, according to Kathy R's For all the Saints [see link list], is the memorial day of St. Julian of Norwich, one of my honored predecessors in the full time occupation of intercession. In her day, when both the workings of the Church and the workings of the economy were much different, the anchor hold dwellers lived in tiny houses attached to the walls of churches. Most even had a window through the church wall so the anchorite could even assist at Eucharist without having to go out into society.

Julian had her little rooms on the side of St. Julian's Church in Norwich. With a maidservant (to do the selling of Julian's handiwork and the other things that had to be done outside) and a pet cat (which appears in her icon), she took up the anchorite's duties --- to pray for the good of her world. One one particular day, she had a series of visions and insights, which she wrote down in a book called Showings. After the visions, her life did not change, but she continued in her anchor hold, praying for the town and the Church of Norwich, and listening to all who came to her to talk; we know quite a few took advantage of her counsel in part because she appears in the journals of Marjorie Kempe, the top guide book writer of the day.

Julian, pray for us who follow in your footsteps.

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