Friday, May 16, 2003

That pearl we seek is God Himself, and no thing other; it is not too late to turn to Him

Some words from a wise cyber-aquaintance, Fr. Shawn O'Neil, that are fitting for today's memorial:

I thank God that I have had the opportunity especially during the past few weeks to bring people back to God after they have been away for many years. I have been inspired by their humility. I hope that they have happily left the confessional; I do not see the faces of many of these people. So many of them have been filled with deep remorse as they confessed their sins. I ask all of you to pray for the people who have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation after many years away from it. Pray that they feel joy within their hearts. Angels sing with joy when one sinner repents and turns back toward God.

I have told you about these people because they have said in implicit terms that they thought that they could achieve happiness by doing anything and everything, but they discovered that all that they thought was happiness was an illusion. I hope that they feel as Saint Paul felt when he wrote with joy that all that he thought mattered no longer mattered. Jesus had him. He had Jesus. He had everything that anyone could ever want.


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