Friday, May 30, 2003

Today is this site's BlogDay! (thanks to Bene Diction for that word)

Very late in the evening, one year ago today, this web-log was launched into the world. This was the very first post here (I've taken the liberty of fixing my typos):

( 11:13 PM ) Karen Marie Knapp
Thanks to Michael Shirley and Gerard Serafin (and Mark and Amy) for introducing me to the world of the blog.

For a little introduction:

I'm a retired library worker in my mid-40's. More to the point, I have as my primary occupation praying for this city and this diocese. And recently, that's been two armsful.

I was not raised up here in Milwaukee. In my youth I had a special talent for those tests with the dots to fill in with the #2 pencil, ended up in Milwaukee, and settled in to stay when the scholarship money ran out. So I never met Fr. Groppi, except in newsreel footage, but I live at the end of his bridge. The bridge over which he and his parishioners would have processions, to defend the right of all Milwaukeans to use any of the public parks, and to buy or rent homes in any Milwaukee neighborhood they chose and could afford. They were not welcomed in peace, not then. But now there are two large signs: "Groppi Unity Bridge." And about 1/2 block from the end, hidden between and behind the factories and businesses, is my little anchor hold; tiny house, tinier porch, a peony and two rhubarb plants, a lawn of some viney weed that blooms blue in May (but no grass), a few antennas. Home sweet anchor hold.

Also before going to bed that night, I had an article in response to some questions from Sean of Nota Bene, a posting of "the scariest prayer in the hymnal," and a prayer request for a devoted and beloved shepherd who was facing a public chapter of faults (with international media in attendance) the next day.

I do not regret at all launching the Anchor Hold into the world, and hope to be here for a long time to come.

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