Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Update on familial prayer requests: Tom's verdict is in!

An email fron eldest younger brother Tom this morning:

Family, Friends and Brother Knights:

A Month ago I celebrated with you freedom from the hospital, after a rather major surgery, and thanked you for your prayers, especially those for my surgeon.

After seeing the Oncologist for the first time today, the news is

Come back in three months for blood tests. Keep getting healthier.

No glow-in-the-dark treatments. No Toxic chemicals to infuse. Just blood tests every quarter for a year, colonoscopy within year, to repeat annually/biennially/triennially depending on results.

Again I thank you all for your prayers. Let me know whenever I can reciprocate.

Hugs and kisses to all the kin out there. Love and Blessings to EVERYBODY!


Tom Knapp
Uncle, Brother, Cook and Bottle Washer

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