Tuesday, July 01, 2003

a quiet day

an especially quiet day today at the little anchor hold. Besides the usual things, and actually getting my dishes done, I've had emails from several of my siblings, and suspect I'll hear from the rest of them before the night is over. I also got a card from my HMO, "Happy birthday! and don't forget about your checkups, your mammogram, and your pelvic exam......" Really cheerful, Compcare!

Because this is the first of July, I also set aside a little special time for a meditation and examen about the three esses of my life ---- simplicity, singleness, and submission ---- since this was the day, back in 1977, when I signed that covenant to continue lifelong in the life I try to live, with God's help. Back in 77, in the circles I travelled in, it was called "being single to the Lord." I had no idea that our Church had rules and laws about such stuff, but it wasn't long before I found that out......

And, I've been thinking and praying about and mulling over David Pawlak's little proposal (scroll down to "help wanted"). Anyone reading this in the Milwaukee area who'd like to help, email me or email Dave, we both have mail links in our sidebars. Also, feel free to fill up this comment box with ideas if you want, or Dave's comments box. A festival/convention for just-plain-Catholics.......

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