Thursday, November 20, 2003

Let there be no shame in repenting, only in sinning.

If all was right with the world, we would be full of shame when we sin, and bold and open in our repenting --- but our enemy has turned this topsy-turvy. I sin with boldness or with nonchalance, and am ashamed and furtive about my repenting. St. Seraphim of Sarov told a story about that.......

.....[there was] an anchorite who, going for water, fell into sin with a woman at the spring, and returning to his cell, acknowledged his sin and began again to lead an ascetic life as before, nor accepting the counsel of the enemy who represented to him the seriousness of the sin and would have led him away from the ascetic life. The Lord revealed this incident to a certain father, and commanded him to glorify the brother who had fallen into sin for such a victory over the devil.

Fear sickens. Secrets kill. Embarrassment liberates!

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