Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Chrism Mass

Just home from Chrism Mass --- pray for your bishops and priests!

The promises we renewed tonight to God and each other:

[Archbishop queries the Laity]

As God's people, baptised and anointed in Christ, will you dedicate yourselves to spreading the gospel message wherever you go? [We will]

Will you continue to care for people in want and in need? [We will]

Will you continue to live in unity with one another; one with your bishop and one in the Body and Blood of Christ, as you listen to Christ's Word and share in the Eucharist? [We will]

May God renew in you the spirit of holiness. [Amen]

[then, (after the deaconate and the presbyterate had their turns), the Laity query the Bishops]

Do you renew your resolve as devoted pastors and teachers to sustain the people of God and to guide us in the way of salvation in cooperation with the priests, the deacons, and all who share your ministry? [We do]

Will you continue to be faithful and constant in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ together with the Pope and the college of bishops, and to pray for the people of God without ceasing? [We will]

Will you continue to show kindness and compassion in the name of the Lord to the poor and to strangers and to all who are in need, seeking out the sheep who stray and gathering them into the fold of the Lord? [We will, with the help of God. We pray that God who has begun the good work in us will bring it to fulfillment.]

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