Monday, April 05, 2004

He Stops

[used by permission, as always. Thank you very much, Pavel. For more of Pavel's poems, go to his website or to Amazon to buy his book, Lion Sun.]


It rained forever on the earth
The seasons washed the land away
The continents dissolved in salt
A virgin to the Lord gave birth
How God divided night from day
I heard an old man say

Peter told the tale to Mark
Apostle doubling as a clerk
Of how he walked upon a lake
Till panic made the surface break
How Teacher set the demons fleeing
And made the blind become the seeing
Revived the dying and the dead
And multiplied the fish and bread
But one thing Peter did not see
The Master killed on Calvary
Mother Mary stayed and John
Two other women looked upon
The execution of her son
But of the rest there wasn't one
So only four would there remain
To hear the Rabbi groan in pain
And only four of them desired
To comfort him till he expired

No miracle dispelled the fear
That kept the rest from coming near
And though the Lord made time and space
He won't compel the human race
To wipe the blood from off his face

. . . . Pavel Chichikov
. . . .


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