Friday, April 30, 2004

A Marian prayer for the Eucharistic Congress

A prayer to Mary our mother for the Eucharistic Congress, by David, a contributor to the Rosary Army Forum. The Eucharistic Congress he's thinking of will be in Atlanta in just a couple of months, and Rosary Army's busily preparing for it, knotting hundreds of rosaries and printing hundreds of sets of instructions for distribution. There's a link to the forums from RA's News from Headquarters blog, but registration is mandatory to view the forums. (There's nothing intrusive that's mandatory, and we'd really enjoy the company.....)

Prayer to Our Lady for the Eucharistic Congress

Mother Mary, you willingly gave your own body as a vessel to bring the Body of God’s Son to the world;
Pray for us that we may always be willing to give ourselves to His service.

Mother Mary, you felt the beating of that heart which loves all humanity in your own heart;
Pray for us that our hearts may always beat with love for His heart.

Mother Mary you bodily nourished God made man at your breast;
Pray for us as we are nourished by His Body.

Mother Mary, you rejoiced as the magi came to adore the Holy Infant,
Pray for us that we may bring all peoples to adore Him.

Mother Mary, your hands baked bread and set the table in the humble home of Nazareth;
Pray for us as we raise our hands before the Table set by God’s Son.

Mother Mary, at your request Christ performed His first miracle at the wedding feast;
Pray for us as we are present to behold the miraculous feast of His Body on the altar.

Mother Mary, you beheld the King of king’s Body tortured and maimed;
Pray for us as we behold this Body now adored upon the altar.

Mother Mary, you received from the cross the Body of our Savior;
Pray for us that we may receive His Body with thanksgiving for His suffering and death, and joy in His glorious resurrection.



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