Monday, May 10, 2004


I just spent almost two hours hand-coding templates for my standard website to store and link the "New Tracts for the Times" texts ----- and then it somehow got scrambled as it got saved so I have to start all over again. [Thanks, Terrance for your hints in the comment box, everybody else for their encouragement, and a kind reader who's going to send me an HTML in 20 easy lessons book.}

Then I come to Blogger to post, and find the interface all changed and turned about. I was used to the good old interface; now I have to learn my way around all over again.

I couldn't even elevate my legs today because the oxygen delivery guy, who usually comes before noon, didn't deliver until 4:50!!!!!!!

Definitely not my day --- been in pain all day besides, the weather's changing ---- getting lots of practice in offering-up.

Maybe I should add a couple paragraphs on offering-up in "Spiritual Fitness: Advanced Beginners program"?

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