Monday, May 03, 2004

".....don't pronounce our demise too soon."

See Reflections in Retirement today for an excellent reflection on the relation of Church and culture. I do wish he'd post his reflections more often than just once or twice a month!

By the way, for my Milwaukean readers: the fourth in the teaching series "Let us proclaim the Mystery of Faith" will be this coming Thursday, May 6, at 7 pm, at Three Holy Women Parish's Holy Rosary site on Oakland Avenue. It's free for members of the Riverbank Catholic Connection parishes (that's Cathedral, Old St. Mary, Three Holy Women, SS Peter and Paul, and OL of Divine Providence) and suggested donation of $5 for everybody else. This session's topic is "Eucharist without Walls" and our archbishop-emeritus will be teaching.

In these next few weeks there are so many opportunities available, for free or really cheap, to strengthen one's faith --- I wish I was stronger and more mobile so I could take advantage of them all!

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