Friday, May 07, 2004

got in late last night

after attending the adult religious ed session on the Eucharist. We are so blessed by our bishops here! Still digesting, will probably blog later on it, and it will make for tweaking in the "Six Movements of the Eucharist" text, especially in the final segment.

Too tuckered out to make the concert tonight ---- but I hope it is a success, there is such need for recognising goodness and beauty in Catholic music as well as in other things.

Thanks to all who have been commenting on "Six Movements" and on "Spiritual Fitness Program...." ---- please keep it up, my email is clickable near the top of the sidebar and also just above Mater Ecclesiae at the bottom of the blogroll.

Also, I need some technical help! I'd like to put the New Tracts for the Times texts on my standard website, so they can be linked on my sidebar and not scroll away with time. But I don't want my text lines to go the entire width of the screen, because I find lines that long hard to read when they happen on other sites. So, what are the html commands to get a colored margin on each side of the text, like the purple one on this blog, and to get the text to march down the "center column." I've looked at the blog's template, but can't figure which commands there are doing that versus which are making the sidebar happen........ email welcome! or in the comment box if it is simple enough.......
Thanks lots!

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