Friday, June 25, 2004

Father Groppi's Bridge House of Hospitality??

I'm a bit distracted from having great and pious thoughts to write about because God has seen fit to send me a guest for the room I'm not using.

Terry, the lady who has been helping me with groceries and laundry, was in the hospital last weekend. When they let her out on Tuesday, she found herself bolted out of her apartment. The manager and the owner were having a disagreement over which one her significant other (who is my tree-chopper, lawn mower, and snow shoveller) should be working for first, and the manager was peeved, so sealed her out .... and she needed to be somewhere inside, out of the elements, immediately. So, for the next few days, until she and her s.o. finish jumping through the bureaucratic hoops to get into emergency housing, she's in my spare room, staying warm and dry and trying to recover, and I'll be a little busy in real life being a decent hostess. Don't worry, I'm okay. St. John Chrysostom said that the extra coat in one's wardrobe belonged by right to the person without any coat; seems the same applies, at least on a temporary basis, to unused rooms in one's house. Do pray for Terry, that she can get into emergency housing quickly and back on her feet.


alicia said...

will be praying for her and her housing. The housing situation for the poor (and not so poor, for that matter) in this country is scandalous.

Nicole said...

What a shame for her! But thankfully there are people like you out there to lend a helping hand and a spare room. Prayers for you all, of course.