Saturday, July 03, 2004

MeanDean, do programmers still hibernate?

My birthday was a few days ago, and the Eldest Younger Brother Tom sent me a few reminiscences that I wonder might still be so. So, Mean Dean of "Heal Your Church Website", or any other computer professionals who might be reading --- after a fine job of programming, do programmers still hibernate for a few days in recovery? Or are computers kinder to their humans in these latter days?

Here's the memory list:

Hey there, OLDER Sister o’ mine-

Blessings and felicitude on this thy Birthday, in Number of (dare I say it?) eight and forty.

Remember when :

Computers were only good for making Daddy sleep through the weekends??

It was science fantasy (Jetsons) to have carpal tunnel syndrome?
“Oh, my aching finger! I had to push that button EIGHT TIMES today! That Spacely is a slavedriver!”

It was a status symbol to have a portable phone the size of a briefcase?

Ditto for a business calculator?

We thought it was funny that small children could operate and program VCRs before they could talk?

Oh, for the good old days…

Your ever-loving Brother on the Left Coast



StBlog said...

Hi Karen! Happy Birthday!!!!

As for computers, well ... I'm torn between wishing they would all disappear overnight and needing them to satisfy my blogwunderlust!

Anonymous said...

Birthday blessings, Karen.