Monday, August 02, 2004

More about "Collaboration of Men and Women..."

This "very lapsed Catholic" muses on this weekend's document, about just what our Church will do to make it happen. Pennies from heaven? Every rectory a day care center? and so on.

What she doesn't seem to realize (after all, she admits to being very lapsed) is that if we in our societies were actually living according to _all_ the teachings, instead of picking and choosing the most comfortable ones from the cafeteria line, a lot of the questions she raises would solve themselves.

In a Catholic world:

people don't have sex unless they are married
marriage is for life, through thick and thin
you can't divorce your children, or your parents, or your siblings
all honest and moral work is held in honor and dignity
all workers are paid sufficient to support themselves _and_their_families_ in a manner worthy of human beings, it is never necessary for both parents to work outside the home to survive.
and so on.

When reading "Collaboration of Men and Women", remember that it is only one of the elements of a total vision of the will of God on earth as in heaven, a single piece of a very large jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces need to be seen for any of them to make a lot of sense.

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Very good point Karen.