Friday, January 14, 2005

Preparing to go to Mass again.....

[or anywhere else, for that matter]

I'm out of hospital, the wound is closed so I don't have to wait at home for the nurse, my blood sugars are mostly under control, so it's time for the next step --- going out to Sunday Mass and etcetera again. The paratransit ride is scheduled, what else?

Are there two sets of $3.25 in exact change for the paratransit fare?
Enough oxygen E-tanks for the weekend? A brand-new one in the carrier?
Find the Legion of Mary book! Place in chair bag.
Ditto the rosaries for the receptionist; ditto rosaries for Open Door patrons.

Design a four-carb-unit portable breakfast (two granola bar packets and a can of sugarfree lemonade?) Pack and stash in icebox. Also pack an apple and a packet of Buddig meat, to hold the fort in case I can't eat what the Open Door is serving for lunch and have to wait till I get home.

Find out if insulin sryinge and vial will fit in the meter cover. If not, find another safe way to carry them. And, what obscure corner will be used for blood test/possible injection after Mass before Legion meeting?

Remember to grab meds, meter, insulin stuff and the food before leaving!

[And, don't forget normal preparation for Communion]

This new diabetic life style is making things a little complicated. (but I'm doing good; no blood sugar readings above 130 all week, and I'm geting the hang of the diet......

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Julie D. said...

Way to stay positive! :-)