Saturday, January 01, 2005

Visual proof of my large-family prejudice,

which I come by naturally.

The whole clan except me made it back to Akron for Christmas at Dad's new home.

Here are the sibs:

back: Sue, Vicki, Lorelei, Chris; front:  Jimbo, Mike, Tom

and here's Dad with all the grandchildren:

Dad with Lorelei's Connor, Landon, and Shelba; Sue's Rebecca and Cora; Vicki's Elise and Chad; and Chris's Chet

Afterwards Tom came to Milwaukee for a day and two nights to be with me (we did some serious shopping) and he took a picture of me for the assorted kidfolk, so they don't forget what I look like. Here it is:

the end of a long day at Costco

Enjoy, all!

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Elena LaVictoire said...

What a nice looking family Karen!

Any time you get to Akron let me know. I'd love to meet a fellow St. Blog's parishioner.