Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's all about anointings, and commitments

Last night I was at that grand annual family reunion called the Chrism Mass. [As usual, I'm kind of glad the fire marshall doesn't show up, he'd have a conniption!] A goodly representation of absolutely everybody was there --- bishops, priests, deacons, religious and secular layfolk of all ages and descriptions, renewing our commitments in the Church and witnessing the blessings and consecrations of the holy anointing oils our Church will use in the upcoming year. The Cathedral, when it is 935++ standing-room-only full of the faithful, is itself an icon of the Church, the Body of Christ united, from the first notes of the prelude (which was "O Sifuno Mungu") through the last chord of the recessional and beyond. A fabulous way to start the holy week.

I'm not quite completely well yet, but since the Lord delivered me from getting locked up in hospital for Triduum, I'm definitely not going to miss it. Transit Plus even got me a ride home after Vigil on Saturday night, which they couldn't do last year. I do hope we're finished by 11:30, since it's embarrassing to have the transit driver fetch me out before dismissal, which has happenned a time or three!

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Roz said...

Praying for health and strength for you so you can wholly enter into these days. I have become ashamed of my mental grumbling about my stiff neck, so already you're doing some good. :-)