Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Saint Benedict Joseph, pray for your namesake!

We have a pope, and really fast --- faster than I could post about the waiting and the hoping. He'll need all our prayers, and I think he will surprise us. For the last 23 years or so he's had the very important but pretty thankless job of the Pope's "bad cop", the "Grand Inquisitor". But before then he was a brilliant and in some ways innovative theologian and philosopher, and that won't have gone away. I think we're in for wonderful things. As we now pray "for our Holy Father, Benedict,...." let his namesake St. Benedict Joseph, the homeless pilgrim of Rome, and all the angels and saints, and all of us, pray for him. They don't call the room where they dress the new Pope "the Room of Tears" without cause!

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Fr. Shawn O'Neal said...

There's another Room of Tears -- the one with the "inbox".

I could hear the new Pope yell, "Whoa! I thought the one at CDF was huge!"