Monday, June 13, 2005

All mixed up? Help is arrived!

Ever been studying the documents of the most recent Ecumenical Council and found out that the Flannery translation and the Abbott translation don't quite match up, some EWTN talking head is definitively stating that the text means a third thing entirely, and your diocese's Council Father is a couple of decades ago reposed so he can't be asked what it really was they set out to say?

Help has arrived (at least a little bit of help)! Here's a site with the complete original and official Latin texts of all the documents, where one can figure out why the two translations are divergent and whether the talking head has any grounding for the third way.



Terrence Berres said...

Say, wasn't Pope Benedict there? Maybe someone could ask him.

Karen Marie said...

Yeah! He wasn't a Council Father, only a lowly peritus, but he'd definitely know the Spirit of the Council. Maybe you can ask him the next time you go to visit!


karen marie

Terrence Berres said...

Lowly peritus sounds like something that would put you in the hospital.