Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Confessed Recently?

Here is an article, by a non-Catholic, an Evangelical Protestant, about (now hold on tight......)
the absolute necessity of auricular Confession!
How very often do us Catholis and Orthodox, who have Confession as God's gift to us from our youth, so neglect putting it to use.

[I got the link (a few years ago) from Lynn of Noli Irritare Leones, who isn't Catholic either, but a Friend.]

I think we have to become at least as attentive to the graces of Confession as our Evangelical and Quaker brothers and sisters --- who are not even gifted with a valid priesthood to offer absolution!

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Anonymous said...

I liked this..i'm in RCIA at present.
It's interesting and somewhat amusing the way various separated groups have to finagle to get something like confession, e.g. Neal Anderson's Victory of the Darkness, etc