Friday, December 16, 2005

Thankfully resting

What have I been up to these past two weeks?

Wandering from one durable medical equipment provider to the next, seeking one which would be both able and willing to fill my prescription for very expensive custom made medical panty hose. Wasting lots of van tickets and hours of time, and going out in unplowed streets several times in the doing. Took two weeks and three different providers, but it is finally started. About three weeks and I should have my first pair, if it doesn't need to be sent back for alterations. Once pair one is right, then they order pair two, one to wash and one to wear. Maybe by Lent I'll be able to semi-retire the multilayer pressure bandages.....

However, my rollator endurance is building nicely; on Monday I managed 4 1/2 laps of the physical therapy gym (with two rest stops) before turning blue. Thumbs up!

And, my kindly delivery internet grocery, Peapod, _delivers_ rock salt, at only 4 cents a bag more than it costs at the Pick n Save, and $2 a bag less than from the handy corner gas station. So there's 150 pounds of that blessed stuff stacked in the corner ready for the next snowstorm. Just because the city does a poor job of plowing and salting......


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