Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh, what a couple of weeks!

Went to CJ Pawlak's baptism on Sunday; new pictures are to come real soon now on the Pawlaks' blog Modern Commentaries. Bright Sunday is a wonderful day for a baby's baptism.

Have spent the last two weeks getting a refinance on the little anchor hold, having the porch rebuilt, an electric porchlift (a small outdoor elevator) installed, and today I took delivery of a beautiful reconditioned used Pride Maxima mobility scooter. I practice-drove around the neighborhood for three hours and am beginning to get the knack of it. Tomorrow or Saturday, I try to get on a city bus..... and if I'm successful, I'll scoot to church on Sunday.

No more waiting on the tenant or imposing on the next-door neighbors to lift the wheelchair or walker up and down the porch steps, and no more calling taxicabs to go around the block! Hip Hip Hooray, Sweet Liberation!



Mike Farley said...

Congratulations, Karen! I pray the bus experiment goes without a hitch, and that you're able to scoot to church... Wonderful to be able to get about properly - you'll be able to go and feed the ducks, and all kinds of goof things!

Mike Farley said...

Sorry, Karen - I meant good things!

Mimi said...

Hip, hip Hooray!

I kind of like the mental picture of you doing goof things ;)

Ruth said...

Congratulations! It's so awesome that you are going to be mobile - - independently. I remember the day I got my ramp (a friend built it) and I took my first trip out in - well - a long time. There was this big grin on my face. I felt like I had just been let out of house arrest LOL I still remember the first place I went - church :) God bless.


Karen Marie said...

It doesn't fit on the bus, at least not with the basket on back, I tried and got stuck halfway on. But I scooted all the way downtown and back, so I'm going to try a straight scoot to church tomorrow. I know Roger the sacristan will let me plug in for a couple of hours after Mass if I need extra juice to get home!