Friday, December 07, 2007

The Medicing Bag

Hi all!
My daughter wrote a paper in her reading class about a medicine bag. She had to make the bag and decorate it. Then she needed to find something very special, put it in the bag and write a paper about it. I am attaching it. Hope you all enjoy.
Our family is doing well, but we all miss Karen. Our father passed away on October 1st. So needless to say it was a ruff couple months.

My Medicin Bag By: Cora Spangler

I did my medicine bag on a rosary. This is special to me because my Aunt Karen used to hand make them all the time. She used to make all different colors, even mixed. And she made big ones and small ones. My Aunt loved church and everything that had to do with it. Even if someone did not go to church she would try to help them anyways. She used to have a blog online where people would comment and send her letters. The letters, which came from all over the United States, were from people asking for a rosary. She would send it to them free of charge. Sometimes she would send one and sometimes she would send fifty. She even got phone calls from people saying that they needed a rosary, whether it was for a whole church or just themselves. She passed away on August second while visiting here for my Aunt Martha’s funeral a week earlier. She was fifty-one years old. At her calling hours she had so many rosaries left over we put them out for people to take. We knew that’s what she would have wanted. I would pass this down to my child because I got this from her calling hours, so my family will always remember what she did for people and what she did for God, and always have a little piece of her with us to keep us going.AMEN!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Susan, for sharing this lovely glimpse into Karen's ministry. And thank you, too, to Cora, for sharing her appreciation for Karen's heart, which seems to truly have been the heart of Christ.

I miss her presence here on the web very much. God bless you all!

StBlog said...

We still miss Karen in St. Blog's Parish! +JMJ+ John

Lars Shalom said...


Elena LaVictoire said...

Susan, I visited Karen's grave and took shoe pictures of the site, so those who can't visit in real life can do so through cyber space.

They are on my Flickr account

Anonymous said...

I just found this through the mention of Phyllis McGinley and was so happy, and then so shocked and saddened to find that the kindred mind which created this blog has left us.

Prayer for her from Pat M. in the Upper Peninsula.

dizzijoi said...

I used to read Karen's blog before I decided to return to the church. She was a beautiful soul and I am sorry to read of her passing. This medicine bag story is such a fitting memorial to a wonderful lady. God Bless!

Christine in central WI

Thomas D said...

Am missing Karen Marie Knapp's wonderfully peaceful, unrelentingly positive presence in the world of cyberspace, but am trusting that she is with Our Blessed Lord and with the All-Holy Mother of God, and that she is serving as a potent intercessor for those of us still here below.

With all best wishes.

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Thomas said...

I thought of Karen this morning, as I believe it's near her anniversary, and I remembered the heyday of Catholic blogging, circa 2002-07, and how her space was an exceptionally clear voice for peace and magnanimity in a Catholic blogosphere often dominated by (to be candid) a neoconservatism in politics and a narrow chauvinism in church affairs. Karen's voice was a glorious exception to those tendencies: a shining light in the darkness. Now, the light perpetual is shining upon her, and she's praying (as she always did!) for all of us. Truly, her memory is for a blessing.

Peace and light.