Thursday, July 04, 2002

A dinner out with "Pompous" Dave (who isn't!)

Yesterday was one of those go-go-go days. Because of the holiday today (which closed the hospital lab), I had to spend yesterday morning there; every two weeks I have to go bleed in a tube to be certain one of my medications isn't doing too much of a good thing. I usually hang around the hospital long enough to eat lunch in the cafeteria there, good cheap food I don't have to cook or clean up after; and yesterday I stayed as long as possible to enjoy the air conditioning. It has been stultifyingly hot here for a week, and I'm drained.

Then, come evening, the transit van took me to Noodles and Company to meet a gentleman I'd jousted with in the listservs for many years but never met in real life ---- Dave Pawlak of the Pompous Ponderings blog. We settled in at a table with our bowls of noodles before 5 pm and were still in the middle of animated conversation at 7:35 when the van service so rudely interrupted us to take me home. Face to face in real life is much superior to emails on flame-prone listservs. We agreed we had to do this again, soon. Maybe when I get back from Knapp reunion later in the month. And yes, we did toast the health of Archbishop-elect Dolan, which was our original excuse for scheduling dinner. Milwaukee is a glorious place to be a Catholic. Especially in tough times. And especially with folk like Dave around.

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