Friday, September 05, 2003

Teresa, who saw through Jesus' disguises

On this day in 1997, Teresa of Calcutta, who had been Sister Agnes of the Loretto Sisters, died. Many years before, drawn by God, she gave up her place of comfort, her habit, and her name, to live, love, and serve among the poorest of God's poor. She called herself Teresa, "for the little one, not the great one", put on a plain cotton sari such as any poor woman might find in the market, and looked for where she might serve. She began with a grade school under an awning at a wide spot of sidewalk. And it grew.

Father Ronald Knox once said: I am not advocating world-movements or public meetings... my appeal is rather to the individual conscience than to the public ear; my hope is rather to see the emergence of a Saint, than that of an organisation......
There is no harm in besieging heaven for the canonization of such and such holy persons now dead. But should we not do well to vary these petitions of ours by asking for more Saints to canonize?


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